Our Miami Home!
Our Apartment is strictly NO SMOKING


550 15th Street, Apt 103,
Miami Beach

No landline telephone

The Apartment is at 550 15th St Apt #103 in South Beach, Miami. FL 33139. It is 3 blocks from the beach and 2 blocks from Lincoln Rd, famous for its shops and restaurants. Just behind is Espanola way full of boutiques and eateries. The apartment is in The Chelsea Condominium Building on the corner of 15th St and Pennsylvania Avenue.

There is a double bed with sheets and duvet in the bedroom. The sofa in the living room is a very comfortable bed for one. If needed, it unfolds to becomes a double sofa bed for 2 (or 3!). Extra bedding is in the freestanding closet in the bedroom.


Charges & Payment:

Payments for staying in the apartment should be made directly into my US bank account if possible. The bank is the large, ugly building on the corner of Lincoln Rd and Washington Ave. There are deposit slips in the Visitor Information centre in the cabinet under the TV. Alternatively, slip cash in an envelope with your details and date, under the locked closet door in the bedroom. The standard donation is $50 per night. If you feel you have been particularly extravagant with electricity, hot water or air-conditioning, feel free to add a little to your total. Thanks.

Please resist the temptation to leave gifts in the apartment. Your sentiment is appreciated, but there is little room for added treasures.


  Bathroom Bedroom Kitchen Living Room

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Access to the Condo building is by the black (square) key which opens Gate 1, Doors 1 and 2 and the trash gate. Access to the apartment itself is by the red (round) key and by KEVO, a keyless entry system that guests with iPhones 5, 6 or 7 can use. To see more about KEVO, click HERE or HERE. There is also a keypad lock on the entry door to the apartment. You will need to know the code to get in. Once inside the apartment, the door does NOT automatically lock behind you. You must remember to physically lock it, both when you are inside (for your own security) and when you leave (for the security of the apartment). A spare key is on the hook in the cupboard below the TV.


To and From the Airport:

A taxi to Miami Intl airport is a set $32 plus any tips, and takes 20-35 mins depending on traffic. A taxi to Fort Lauderdale Airport should cost around $65 and take 45-60 mins, although traffic can make this longer. Flamingo Taxis (305) 599 9999 or Yellow Cabs (305) 444 4444.

Uber operates in Miami and is a cheaper alternative to regular cabs.

Super Shuttle, www.supershuttle.com is a cheaper option if only one person is travelling. It serves both Miami ($20) & Ft Lauderdale airports.

The ultimate economy route (but still fairly quick and comfortable, and the method I always use) to and from Miami airport is by public bus. From the airport bus station/Metrorail Center at the Rental Car Center (shuttle train from the terminal - follow signs) take the Airport Flyer 150 bus to Miami Beach. The bus stops on Washington Ave between 16th St and Lincoln Ave or outside the US Post Office on Washinghton/13th (both 5 mins walk from the apartment). When going to the airport, the bus stop is right outside CVS on Lincoln Rd/James Ave or on Washington Ave/13th St. Cost $2.65, takes 30-40 mins.

For further information see www.toandfromtheairport.com.

Telephone Calls:
There is no longer a landline telephone in the apartment.

In general parking in South Beach is a pain, and since everywhere is walkable, avoid hiring a car unless you really need to. The apartment is in a residential parking zone (Miami Beach Zone 2) and all cars parked nearby must have a virtual resident permit during the hours of operation (usually 6pm-7am Mon-Fri and at all times at weekends & holidays. During the day on weekdays, you can park in these areas for free. This is done on line.  Remember when parking on the street: do not park next to a pavement which is painted yellow or blue. Always park in the same direction as traffic flow on that side of the street. The authorities do give tickets to, and tow violators! Residential Parking Zone 2 permit holders can also park in the lot near the corner of Michigan/15th.

Other parking options are at the parking meters ($1 per hour, max 4 hrs) and in the parking lots:

        13th St between Collins Ave & Ocean Dr. $10 for 24 hrs.

    16th St between Washington Ave & Collins Ave. $16 for 24 hrs


The gate at the side of the house is opened by the black (square) house key. It leads to the main dustbin area. Before you finally leave the apartment, make sure all rubbish is removed from the apartment. If this is not done, ants soon take over!
Electrical Circuit Breakers:
If needed, these can be found behind the large Eastern Airlines picture in the hallway.
Smoke Alarms:
3 are fitted: One in the living room, one in the bedroom and 1 in the kitchen area, above the fridge. If the kitchen alarm sounds as a result of cooking (a common problem), point a remote control (TV or DVD) at it and press any button for 3-5 seconds to temporarily silence it (or climb up and temporarily remove it).
There is a key to the mailbox in the cabinet under the TV. The mailbox is outside the apartment in the passageway. We would be grateful if you could empty it occasionally. Please discard any obvious junk mail or advertising and keep any letters in a safe place.
Internet Access:
There is a strong wireless internet signal available in the apartment. The wireless router is behind the large mirror in the bedroom. When you arrive, it should be already unplugged. Just plug it in and wait 2 minutes to start the signal. The SSID (birdcage) is password protected. The code can be given on application, or is written on the printer under the computer (lower the flap at the front). When leaving the apartment please unplug the wireless router.
Provisions & Groceries:
There is a basic supermarket, the Art Deco Market, a few blocks away on Washington Ave, just south of Espanola Way. It is fine for most everyday needs. There is a fantastic luxury food supplier called Epicure. It is a bit further away, at the western end on Lincoln Rd, on the corner with Alton Rd. The choice and quality of food is amazing!! Publix supermarket is the largest, but is even further away than Epicure. It is on the corner of Alton and 19th St or at 5th & Alton Rd. Whole foods is at Alton/11th St.


Local Buses:
There are several very good local buses that stop close to the apartment. All buses cost $2, exact change only or an Easy-Card. Put cash in the driverís machine on boarding.
Bus C stops on Washington Ave 2 blocks away. It runs Northwards along Collins Ave to 41st St before turning west to Mt Sinai Hospital. It is useful for going to places in Northern South Beach, or for transferring to the Airport/J Bus. Heading South, it runs down Washington Ave, along 5th St, before crossing the MacArthur Causeway to Downtown Miami (Government Center). Here you can connect to the Metrorail system.
Bus S or 120
stops on the South side of Lincoln road between Washington & Collins, just outside the CVS pharmacy. It runs Northwards along Collins Ave the full length of Miami Beach, past Haulover Beach (popular with both clothed and nudist bathers), and terminates at Aventura Mall, the best shopping mall in the area. It takes 55-60 mins to get to the mall. On the way back from the mall, get off the bus at 17th street.
South Beach Local is a very handy Miami beach shuttle bus that does a circuit of South Beach between 5th St and 17th st. It stops on Washington Ave, goes to the Publix Supermarket, and down to the south end of Miami Beach. It runs in both directions on a circular route and costs $0.25 per ride.

Bus 120 is an express bus to Aventura Mall from Lincoln Rd every 30 mins.
Bus 150
(Airport Express)
stops on Washington Ave
between 16th St and Lincoln Ave (5 min walk from the apartment). It runs to 41st St and Miami Airport. $2.65
Car Rental:
I prefer to use Alamo, located at 4332 Collins Ave. Reached by Bus C, S, or 120. www.alamo.com or www.alamo.co.uk/ba for British Airways staff and their friends & family.


Medical Attention:
For minor ailments and injuries, there is a walk in clinic at CVS Pharmacy on Lincoln Rd, next to the bus stop for the Aventura Bus. They can treat minor conditions and prescribe antibiotics etc. Costs are relatively low (~$60 for a treatment). Obviously, for more serious conditions, dial 911 for ambulance service.
Local Map:


For further information, help or to make a booking, e-mail us at:  feltham777@hotmail.com